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Last Night by The Vamps

Don't Forget Where You Belong by One Direction

Little Me by Little Mix

Love Is On The Radio by McFly

Make It In America by Victoria Justice



WOW, Vic just reblogged your manip! I think it makes you the ultimate hatoria shipper :D Can't believe she reblogged hatoria!! <3<3<3 Hatoria is coming, i can feel it on the air.

haha thank you, theres so many other amazing hatoria shippers out there who have shipped it longer than me who also deserve recognition, but omg i am so happy that she’s actually reblogged it, and yeah that’d be nice if it was coming, they’d be so cute together <3

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I really think is on her running, bc she reblog other peoples things... Like, your manip. That's a good example: She reblogged your manip (Congrats, btw) if it was of ther team, they would post just instagram stuff and tour dates, and promotions... I think is on her running, she dont get in tumblr ALL THE TIME, but I'm 100% it's her.

well that makes it even better, like omg victoria justice saw and liked my manip enough to want it on her own blog, this is one of the best days ever :)xx

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whos' victooria's tumblr

Victoria Justice, I dunno if it’s her running it or her team, but its her offical tumblr. :)x

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it is okay to freak out over the fact victoria’s tumblr reblogged my hatoria manip right, like omg i’m actually buzzing right now.

Why is your url july16th? How did you do that and why?

its a co.vu url, loads of people have them and I wanted one as well, and july16th is eleanor’s birthday so it still is linked to Eleanor and I just wanted a co.vu url, if you type it in on google you’ll find a tutorial on how to get one, thats what i did anyway.

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